What I’m Doing Now

This page is a summary of what I’m doing now.

I’m in California, where I’m doing many things:


  • Working as an Angular consultant / mentor / trainer for a selection of clients


I try to write about one hour per day, with a focus on different outlets:

  • Publishing two blog posts per week on my expat blog (in French)
  • Contributing at least 1 hour per week to a novel project of mine
  • Also contributing twice monthly to my Angular blog as well as my free Angular newsletter
  • Updating my Angular courseware on a weekly basis
  • Recently published a new video course for Packt publishing: Getting started with Angular.



  • I’m doing the Dogwood 52 photo challenge in 2017. I have to take one picture per week following a given theme.



  • 3 times a week, 4 races a year
  • Last race: California International Marathon, in Sacramento, CA on December 3rd 2017. Completed in 4h27 mins. That was tough!
  • Next race: Sometime in 2018


  • Walking at least 20 minutes every day when I don’t run
  • Next major trips: A US coast-to-coast road-trip in 2018

Last update: December 15th, 2017